Greatest Lone Ranger moment

Those moments when it seemed the Lone Ranger was about to be unmasked or when he was trapped and sinking in quicksand are moments that stand out to me as being the most exciting. What moments stand out to you as the most thrilling in those thrilling days of yesteryear?


The best Tonto?

To most people, Jay Silverheels is the one and only Tonto. Those who grew up on radio claim John Todd as their Tonto. Serial fans might relate to Chief Thundercloud. Younger generations may better identify with Michael Horse or Nathaniel Arcand. Of all these actors, which one is THE Tonto? Which one is YOUR Tonto?


Daniel Gillies as the new Lone Ranger?

A while ago in The Silver Bullet newsletter, I wrote a story making guesses as to new actors for the Lone Ranger and Tonto. It is all for fun, as I have no say or influence over who will get the part. I would like to throw out another idea. I think Daniel Gillies would make a good Lone Ranger. You might recognize him as John Jameson, the astronaut son of J. Jonah Jameson in "Spider-Man II." I think he's got the heroic looks to do justice to the part. Granted, I haven't seen him act in anything else and don't know if he's got what it takes for a starring role, but I think he did great in Spider-Man. What do you think?

Memories of Clayton Moore

I never met Clayton Moore. He autographed a photo for me via the mail, but that's the closest I ever came to contacting him. I enjoy hearing stories of people who have met him and how he impacted their lives. If you are one of those people who had the good fortune to meet him, please share your story with us here.


Was the WB's Lone Ranger all that bad?

In 2003, The WB gave us The Lone Ranger starring Chad Michael Murray and my friend, Nathaniel Arcand. Most Lone Ranger fans didn't like it. The origin story strayed from the established concepts. The names were changed and the look and feel were vastly different.
In hindsight, I think we got something that spoke to a different generation. I've heard from a lot of young adults -- who are not connected to the Clayton Moore or Brace Beemer versions -- who really liked the show. On its own merits, without the tradition and history of the character, it was a fun little romp. Chad and Nathaniel certainly have charisma and could have done well had it become a TV series. There was a lot left to flesh out in the way of character development. I, for one, would like to see Nathaniel have another shot at Tonto in the new movie.

Legend of the Lone Ranger

It's time for a confession. I liked The Legend of the Lone Ranger starring Klinton Spilsbury and Michael Horse. It's one of my guilty pleasures and I watch the video several times a year. I think the movie got a bum rap with all the negative publicity surrounding Clayton Moore losing his mask in court. I think if you strip away all the negative publicity surrounding Mr. Moore and the rumors concerning Mr. Spilsbury's behavior on set and take the movie on face value, you've got a pretty good story. I think Michael Horse was outstanding as Tonto. I liked the look they gave Klinton Spilsbury. I think Christopher Lloyd made a great Butch Cavendish. Sure, the film had some flaws, but it was epic in scope and visually appealing. And I can't get enough of the soundtrack. The music and narration are great. I wish we could get the movie on DVD (North American format) and the soundtrack on CD.


Tonto as a woman?

It has been rumored that Tonto will be cast as a woman in the new movie. Please sound off here to let us know how you feel about that. If you are opposed to the idea, visit www.lonerangerfanclub.com and click on the Save Tonto link at the bottom of the page to sign our petition.


The new Lone Ranger and Tonto

This is my first-ever attempt at a blog. My name is Joe and I am the owner of the Lone Ranger Fan Club (www.lonerangerfanclub.com). I am interested in hearing who people would like to see cast as the new Lone Ranger and Tonto in the upcoming movie by Columbia Pictures.