Lone Ranger comic looks interesting

I can't wait to see the new Lone Ranger comic by Dynamite Entertainment. So far, all we've seen are the first three covers and sample pages of the first two issues. There are things I like and some I don't. I like that they seem to be keeping true to the origin story. I like that the Ranger has a fairly classic look. I don't like how much older and meaner Tonto looks. I don't like the "uneasy alliance" they have. I'm also leery of the lack of mention of Butch Cavendish and the mentions of Black Bart. I hope I'm misreading between the lines on that one.
Still, this is the newest and freshest Lone Ranger product and so far has been getting rave reviews. After the WB's television show, this is a marked improvement. Here's hoping for the best.