New comic coming

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that its new Lone Ranger comic is coming in September! Issue No. 1 begins with the origin story and tells how John Reid becomes the masked man. Priced at $2.99 (man, it's been a long time since I've purchased a comic book!), the issue is to be the first in an ongoing series. The folks at Dynamite Entertainment have this to say about it: "Dynamite Entertainment, Brett Matthews, John Cassaday and Sergio Cariello with Dean White present the comic book event of 2006 - the LONE RANGER - rides again!!!!
Written by Brett ("Firefly") Matthews and art directed by John ("Astonishing X-Men") Cassaday - who also provide each "dynamite" cover (that's right fans - Mr. Astonishing X-Men and Planetary is the single cover artist, THE LONE RANGER #1 also features veteran illustrator Sergio Cariello and colorist Dean ("Punisher") White.
THE LONE RANGER #1 is an unrelenting tale of the West. A young man searches for revenge, only to find justice... and that he's something greater than he ever thought he could be. THE LONE RANGER #1 will be THE must-read comic of 2006."
Look for it at your favorite comic book outlet or order it online at www.dynamiteentertainment.com.