Vampire actor joins Lone Ranger cast

Here’s something to sink your teeth into. British actor James Frain, who recently played a vampire on HBO’s True Blood, has joined the cast of Disney’s The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp stars in the Gore Verbinski-directed movie, which also touts Armie Hammer, Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Wilkinson among the cast. Frain will play a foreman overseeing Chinese and Indian rail workers who labor for the story’s chief villain (Wilkinson). Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the big-screen adventure which begins production in February. Frain appeared in Water for Elephants and was one of the stars of NBC’s series The Cape. He portrayed Thomas Cromwell for three seasons of Showtime’s acclaimed drama The Tudors.


They're back!

It looks like the gang's all here. Mike Fleming of Deadline reports that most of the original cast has climbed back aboard the Lone Ranger wagon. "...Director Gore Verbinski’s mission is to lock in the cast. Turns out they all waited around and are available when the film begins production in February. Disney has closed a deal with Ruth Wilson, the Luther star courted to play the female lead alongside Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Now, Tom Wilkinson is closing in on a deal to play lead villain Latham Cole. The studio is also working out deals with Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham Carter, James Badge Dale and Dwight Yoakum." Fleming reported for Deadline.


Lone Ranger casting Native American extras

Production is ramping up in western New Mexico for Disney's Lone Ranger film. The call has gone out for Native Americans interested in being cast as extras. Read more here.


DE's Lone Ranger riding again!

I found this on CBR:

Dynamite Entertainment and Classic Media welcome the return of America's quintessential Western hero-The Lone Ranger® to the comic world! The masked man returns with a new #1 in January 2012 as an ongoing series. This new The Lone Ranger comic series kicks off with a six-part story called "Hard Country." To allow new fans to jump into the series, the first two issues will be included within a larger story. It will then move into a longer, serialized tale, respecting the excellent template provided by Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello with John Cassaday, setting off on a new trail.
At the end of the Matthews series, The Lone Ranger and Tonto were ready to strike out in the old west, fighting for what is right and helping those in need. "Hard Country" is about the old west striking back - a harsh environment where only the tough really make it. This is the story about these two American legends, early in their development, as they learn this bleak reality. While they're not going to fold, they will come to see that this is a hard task they've set for themselves. A hard task in a vast "hard country."
"The Lone Ranger #1 begins our Hard Country arc with a heart-breaking tale of loss that holds a mirror up to John Reid's past," says writer Ande Parks. "The man John Reid has become in his The Lone Ranger identity was shaped by tragic loss. Now he sees that loss on the faces of a new generation. Can one man make a difference in the lives of a father and his children whose world is crumbling? The Lone Ranger is damn well going to try!"
"Kudos to Ande and Esteve doing an incredible job leading in to The Lone Ranger #1 and following up Brett, Sergio, and John's series so successfully with The Lone Ranger: Death of Zorro series, which has received a considerable amount of critical acclaim," said Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "The Lone Ranger: Death of Zorro showed fans that Ande and Esteve were the right successors for the series. They "know" The Lone Ranger, and are making the series their own. Fans will be excited when they read the first issue, and with covers by Award-Winning artists including an Alex Ross painted cover and Francesco Francavilla as the ongoing cover artist, The Lone Ranger will be a must-read book!"
"The Lone Ranger is arguably the most popular Western character of all time and we are thrilled to team up with Dynamite Entertainment to introduce fans to another adventure," said Nicole Blake EVP, Global Marketing & Consumer Products, Classic Media.


The Lone Ranger rides again!

The latest word is that Disney has rescued The Lone Ranger from development hell once again and plans to resume making the movie in early 2012.


Coming soon...

It is my intention to use this blog to keep updates on the new Lone Ranger movie by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. Stay tuned...