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Come and join us for the Lone Ranger Rendezvous June 6-8, 2008, in Amarillo, Texas, as we celebrate 75 years of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. You can pre-register at www.lonerangerfanclub.com.


Lone Ranger comic #2

Caution: Spoiler alert!!!
I find issue #2 to be darkly disturbing in many ways. I don't like the direction Dynamite Entertainment is going. I think they've forgotten this is the Lone Ranger, not Army of Darkness.
Page 1 begins with a scary looking Tonto holding a bloody knife. On the next page we see a bullet-riddled John Reid pull his gun and fire at Tonto, but he's out of ammunition. On pages 6 and 7, we see a man's skin turned into bloody drapes and the excessively graphic depiction of Black Bart shoving his gun into Collins' mouth and pulling the trigger. Two pages later we learn that Tonto killed those who ambushed the Rangers and scalped them. We also see huge scars on Tonto's bare back.
On Page 11, we don't see the man responsible for killing the Rangers (presumably Cavendish), but we see a conversation he has with a man named Winthrop. The unseen man is last quoted as saying to another unseen person, "now let me see your tongue..."
The best part of the book comes on pages 13-17 when Reid asks Tonto to take him to the graves of the Rangers. I like the exchange where Tonto tells Reid that he was able to visit the graves, but not ready. Here we see Reid ask Tonto do dig an empty grave. The disturbing part is when he tells Tonto "there's no need for the cross." I really don't understand why he would say that.
A few pages later we see Black Bart viewing the scene of the massacre through binoculars (did they have those back then?). That's where we're exposed to the most unnecessary image in the book. We see vultures gorging on the scalped remains of the outlaws.
I'm also not too keen on Reid's bent for revenge. I sincerely hope this leads to a lesson on justice and not revenge. The Lone Ranger never kills. I hope the creative team doing the comic will respect this and instill that value in Tonto.
I'm still looking forward to issue #3, but more in hopes of seeing improvement in the story and less for relief from the cliffhangers.


Various things

Well, we've finally seen the new comic. I think it's going to be a winner. It's well written (with the exception of a few cuss words) and superbly drawn. There are some aspects I don't care for, but 90 percent of it is truly fantastic and groundbreaking. I eagerly await the next installment.

I was informed by the people in charge of the new movie that Jonathan Mostow is no longer involved. He was originally supposed to direct. No word on a replacement yet.

As far as the 2008 Lone Ranger Rendezvous goes, we have lined up Fred Foy and Nathaniel Arcand as guests so far. Stay tuned!


Lone Ranger comic looks interesting

I can't wait to see the new Lone Ranger comic by Dynamite Entertainment. So far, all we've seen are the first three covers and sample pages of the first two issues. There are things I like and some I don't. I like that they seem to be keeping true to the origin story. I like that the Ranger has a fairly classic look. I don't like how much older and meaner Tonto looks. I don't like the "uneasy alliance" they have. I'm also leery of the lack of mention of Butch Cavendish and the mentions of Black Bart. I hope I'm misreading between the lines on that one.
Still, this is the newest and freshest Lone Ranger product and so far has been getting rave reviews. After the WB's television show, this is a marked improvement. Here's hoping for the best.


New comic coming

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that its new Lone Ranger comic is coming in September! Issue No. 1 begins with the origin story and tells how John Reid becomes the masked man. Priced at $2.99 (man, it's been a long time since I've purchased a comic book!), the issue is to be the first in an ongoing series. The folks at Dynamite Entertainment have this to say about it: "Dynamite Entertainment, Brett Matthews, John Cassaday and Sergio Cariello with Dean White present the comic book event of 2006 - the LONE RANGER - rides again!!!!
Written by Brett ("Firefly") Matthews and art directed by John ("Astonishing X-Men") Cassaday - who also provide each "dynamite" cover (that's right fans - Mr. Astonishing X-Men and Planetary is the single cover artist, THE LONE RANGER #1 also features veteran illustrator Sergio Cariello and colorist Dean ("Punisher") White.
THE LONE RANGER #1 is an unrelenting tale of the West. A young man searches for revenge, only to find justice... and that he's something greater than he ever thought he could be. THE LONE RANGER #1 will be THE must-read comic of 2006."
Look for it at your favorite comic book outlet or order it online at www.dynamiteentertainment.com.


Lone Ranger convention being planned

Start making plans to attend the Lone Ranger Rendezvous in 2008 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the character. It has tentatively been set for June 6-8 in Amarillo, Texas. For more information, or to pre-pre-register, visit www.lonerangerfanclub.com/lonerangerconvention.


Web site updated

Ta-i Kemo Sabe,
It took a while, but the Web site has been updated. It now has a more consistent look and is easier to navigate. Please visit www.lonerangerfanclub.com and check it out. I hope to add some new pages soon.


Lone Ranger Fan Club update

Just a quick note to let you know that the Lone Ranger Fan Club Web site is undergoing a major renovation and will not be updated for a while. Please keep checking back to see the improved design.


Clayton Moore on a postage stamp

Hi-Yo Lone Ranger fans,
Dawn Moore, daughter of Clayton Moore, is seeking your help getting her father's image on a postage stamp. Now is the time to petition the U.S. Postal Service to get it done on the 10th anniversary of his passing. It also times with the 60th anniversary of the TV show and a year after the character's 75th anniversary. For complete details, visit http://www.members.tripod.com/~ClaytonMoore/cmstamp.html.


Silver Bullet

You're not going to want to miss the March issue of The Silver Bullet. It will have stories about new fan films, a man who makes Lone Ranger masks, another man who sells Lone Ranger outfits, an update on the new movie, lots of new Lone Ranger collectibles, and the possibility of John Hart reprising his role as the Masked Man! Visit www.lonerangerfanclub.com to find out how to subscribe.


Lone Ranger Forum

Hey Lone Ranger fans, there is a new forum on the Web you should know about. You can check it out at http://p066.ezboard.com/ftonymoefrm36.