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Anonymous said...

The book The Lone Ranger,Tonto and Me, is that still in the works? I had sent a published article,"How I got me first horse" for publication and have not found out anything to this date. Please let the fans and myself in on any information. Terry Moon.

wayne moises said...

He is a former Texas Ranger and his men ambush by the Cavendish Gang then he is injured due to trauma then the Indian guide to help and protect the former vigilante a hero is born and became The Lone Ranger a western/drama based from a radio show doubting the 1930's movies tv series cartoons comics novels action figures/dolls and media inspired from a story created by George Trendle creator of Green Hornet and he is a great-great-great grandfather named John Reid he is the younger brother of Daniel Reid also a Texas Ranger also killed by outlaws led by Butch Cavendish arch nemesis
Of the masked vigilante and Lone Ranger must stop those criminals and brought to justice and keep the peace in the old west .thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion.from:Wayne